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What is VATSIM?

VATSIM (short for the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) is a completely free online platform which allows virtual pilots, wherever they are in the world, to connect their flight simulators into one shared virtual world. VATSIM also simulates air traffic control in this virtual world, creating the ultimate as-real-as-it-gets experience for you, the virtual aviation enthusiast. With over 76,000 active members in 2014, connecting your flight simulator to VATSIM allows you to join hundreds of other pilots in our virtual skies, flying all kinds of aircraft all over the world. As a VATSIM member, you can join our many communities across the world to enhance your flying skills and flight simulator experience in a shared virtual airspace.

So, how can I join VATSIM?

First of all, you must at least 13 years old to join VATSIM. You don't need any experience to join us, what you need to do is open this link.

  1. Click "Sign Up Page" below Code of Conduct A6 (the quoted text).
  2. Click YES if you already read Code of Regulations, User Agreement and Code of Conduct and agree to Terms and Conditions.
  3. Fill the register box, and press REGISTER ME.
Our membership will send you an email, so you can start play with other aviation geek! Yay.

Need help where you should start?

  • Pilot
    So, you want to be a pilot isn't it? Okay, you can head up to our pilot software page and choose a software based on your flight simulator platform.
    For FSX and P3D, we prefer for vPilot, but the other also good.
    For FS2004 and FS2002 user, you can use FSInn, but for more lighter software, you can use Squawkbox.
    And there is only one option for X-Plane, use XSquawkbox.
  • ATC
    Woah, nice. You want to be an ATC. You can head up to our helpdesk and login with your VATSIM account and password.
    Then go to Support Center and click Open Ticket. There you can open a ticket and send in an application to be an ATC along with the reason of why you would want to become an ATC.
    To download our ATC client software, head up to our ATC section and select software. We recommend you to use Euroscope.
    Ps: Assign the ticket to Indonesia vACC Staff and write it in English.

If you need any support and help, join our Discord now. We will assist you there.
And my last word, let's meet in the sky!