The network is missing you :(

Are you a member of VATSIM?

Indonesia vACC is part of the VATSIM Network. To join us, you must first register on the network. During the registration process, you will be asked to select your Region and Division. Simply select "Asia" as your Region followed by "Southeast Asia (VATSEA)" as the Division. Upon confirmation as a registered member, you can freely roam the world on VATSIM as a pilot.
Click on the following link to join VATSIM:

Already a member of VATSIM?

If you are already a member of VATSIM, you can transfer to Indonesia vACC to train as a vACC Controller.
Note that Indonesia vACC is a sub-division under VATSEA division that's under the Asia region. If you are already in a Division under Asia, please select the division transfer link below. Else, select the region transfer link.
Unsure which region/division you are in? Click on this link:
Click on the following link to do a regional and/or divisional transfer:

How do I start controlling?

Follow the steps below to join a vACC in our Division for localized training.

Step 1
Register a VATSIM Account:
Select "Asia" followed by "Southeast Asia (VATSEA)" during registration.

Step 2
Once you have a registered account with VATSIM, proceed to

Step 3
Once you are in the HQ system, you will be asked to select a home vACC. Choose Indonesia vACC and send in a ticket (through the support center) to Indonesia vACC Staff to begin your ATC training to become a virtual air traffic controller!
Please include a short introduction of yourself in the ticket.
Note that this does not allow you to control just yet. Training must be completed.

If at any time, you need any kind of help or assistance, simply put in a Support ticket to the staff team.