The network is missing you :(

Current Local ATC Intake: OPEN
Current Visiting ATC Intake: CLOSED
Indonesia vACC is part of the VATSIM Network. If you just want to be a pilot, you can start flying right away. To join us as a controller, there are several easy steps you need to do. Note that while experience of flying in VATSIM does give you a good head start in training, it is not mandatory.

Step 1
You must first register yourself on the network by visiting this link

Step 2
During the registration process, you will be asked to select your Region and Division. Simply select "Asia" as your Region followed by "Southeast Asia (VATSEA)" as the Division. Upon confirmation as a registered member, you can freely roam the world on VATSIM as a pilot.

Step 3
Head to VATSEA HQ, log yourself in using VATSIM CERT SSO and create a support ticket addressed to Indonesia vACC Staff. You need to state briefly your reason to be an ATC (all tickets must be in English). Please advise the staff of your time zone and your preferred language of instruction.

Step 4
Wait for a reply from our staff member regarding instruction for training.

If you wish to transfer yourself to Indonesia vACC, head to VATSIM Membership Dashboard and change your region to Asia - Southeast Asia (VATSEA). You will be contacted by a staff member of VATSEA, once your transfer has been processed. Please give the staff members few days time to process your request.
To join Indonesia vACC Visiting Controller Roster, you need to hold at least S3 rating and open a ticket at VATSEA HQ addressed to Indonesia vACC Staff. Your ticket should include following information:
  • Name
  • Current ATC Rating
  • Your home vACC/division
  • Reason for Visiting
  • A statement that you will comply with Indonesia vACC mininum controlling hours policy, which can be found here.
  • Wait for a reply from our staff member regarding instruction for training.