Easy to use

vPilot, FSInn, and Squawkbox

VATSIM has 3 different client software available to choose by the user. The 3 different softwares are relatively easy to use and enjoyable to the user's experience. The software's operating manual is available to download in case user has not been able to fully operate the software to get a real working pilot experience.

Radar that functions similarly to real ATC's radar

EuroScope & VRC

VATSIM uses an advanced radar client simulating real ATC experience in the real world. Although it said to be advanced, both radar clients are very easy to use. Another interesting point is VATSIM has the technology to break the limit between simulation and real life experience.

With VATSIM, you can learn more about aviation.
You can also discuss with other aviation geek.

Unforgettable Experience

Current Activity

No controllers currently online!


Callsign Name Route
CPA785Chanwoo Song RJAA (1389767)VHHH-WADD
KAL800Dana Wiles KCLT (1248569)WIII-RKSI

*This information may not be up to date.


Airport Name - Location (ICAO) METAR
Sultan Hasanuddin - Makassar (WAAA)METAR WAAA 241000Z 15003KT 9000 FEW018CB SCT019 28/27 Q1007|NOSIG=
I Gusti Ngurah Rai - Denpasar (WADD)METAR WADD 241000Z 13014KT 9999 FEW018 29/25 Q1008|NOSIG=
Ahmad Yani - Semarang (WAHS)METAR WAHS 241000Z 34006KT 7000 SCT014 31/25 Q1008|NOSIG=
Juanda - Surabaya (WARR)METAR WARR 241000Z 11011KT 9999 FEW020 30/24 Q1007|NOSIG=
Soekarno Hatta - Jakarta (WIII)METAR WIII 241000Z 15007KT 8000 SCT020 26/23 Q1008|NOSIG=
Halim Perdana Kusuma - Jakarta (WIHH)METAR WIHH 240900Z 20003KT 5000 -RA SCT017 25/24 Q1008|NOSIG=
Kualanamu International Airport - Deli Serdang (WIMM)METAR WIMM 241000Z 05008KT 9999 SCT017 31/24 Q1005|NOSIG=

*METAR resource from BMKG. This information may not be up to date.

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