Who we are

Indonesia vACC


We are aviation geek (or avgeek) that play together with flight simulator that allow us to be a pilot or using a software to enable us to be a virtual ATC. This is where we play in a shared virtual world which brought us together into a part. We are growing not just as a community, but also as a family..
Because of that, we also learn new thing that we've never found. Not only releated to aviation, we also discuss about other thing. You should not doubt about our friendship. We always find a way to match with other. Our motto is friendship through virtual aviation.



The first thing everyone should do is join and try. It's always a good way to start a new journey. You will never know what you will face. When joining, you know that many others are welcoming you very calmly.



The next part you should face is learning a new thing. Our community structured from many people, you will face different type of people. From this step, you will absolutely love your new world.



After learning new thing, you will step in to the fun part. You already know who's your friend and how they act, you already understood how aviation really works. Building fun community is our goal.

Our Team

Rafly Rayyaan

Director | ACCIDN1


Deputy Director | ACCIDN2

Jonathan Handoyo

Training Director | ACCIDN3

Marco Harsono

Event Director | ACCIDN4

Justin William

Facilities Director | ACCIDN5

Muhammad Nabil

PR Manager | ACCIDN6


Webmaster | ACCIDN7