Discord Registration

Voice is the best option, but text fine.

Register my Discord account

This page is used to register your Discord account into our system.

In order to register your Discord account into our system, we require you to login with your VATSIM account first. We need your VATSIM data to log which Discord account belong to which VATSIM users. This feature also allow us to automatically give you a role that belong to your current status in VATSIM.

When you're logging in, you will be asked which data you like us to get. We require your full name, VATSIM details (even though VATSIM give us your pilot rating, region, division, and much more, we only use and save your ATC rating), and email. If you choose not to give the data we require, we'll be unable to authenticate you and you'll be unable to register your Discord account.

If you're not sure how we process your data, check out our GDPR here.

If you agree to authorize your data, click button below to login to your VATSIM account. You will be redirected shortly if your login is success.